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We’re all on a journey through time together. Celebrate by commemorating a special event, a milestone, or a loved one. The “Young Explorers” section honors the generation that will carry the torch forward.

Becky Lao – in loving memory of her father, Travis Dennis
Anita Kiperman – in memory of Dr. Oscar R Mangini and in gratitude for his support of AIA
Gail and John Peterkin – in loving memory of Susan Clayton Garwood
Danielle Ranneft – in memory of Robert Maby
Marco Rimassa – in memory of the life of Ed Rimassa, for his enduring love of travel, culture, history, and the arts, which he generously shared with his family and friends



Anita Kiperman – in honor of her grandchildren Juliette and Nicolas on their new adventures back in the U.S. and achieving their academic/sports goals this year

Becky Lao – in honor of the students of Westside, DeBakey, and Duchesne High Schools and their service as volunteers to the children of Houston at Ancient Encounters events